About Ethan Laboratory (EL)

EL is a virtual lab that is looking to change the way we manage our Christian
Community.  The technology exist today that will allow Churches and Musicians to
find each other with ease.  We know that some churches have difficulty in finding
musicians and vise versa.  At the EL, we have provided a convenient pathway for
both parties to touch bases.

The staff at the EL  has a special interest in Praise and Worship Music.  The
compassion for this research was based on the observation of congregational
participation in this type of music.  The compassion was rooted in the need to of
many churches to introduce diversity of music in their worship services due to their
expanding diversity in the population.  

We will offer suggestions and products related to worship that may add some
enrichment to your own service.

Feel free to contact us with your comments.
Holy Trinity Church of Dubai
$1.00 Donation Appreciated